Wildcat (2021)

RGenre: Drama, Thriller, War
Year: Duration: 93 MinView: 0 views
6 votes, average 6.3 out of 10

An ambitious reporter stationed in the Middle East who is taken captive after her convoy is ambushed. She is confronted by the trauma of her past and must find a way to bring down the militants who incarcerated her.

Tagline:Some people cannot be broken.

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2 thoughts on “Wildcat (2021)”

  1. I can’t download those files u fake that’s all links are fake u played with us when I open the link the shows so many ads nd other advertisements again nd again

    1. Hello sir, There is only 2 pop-up ads (New Tab Ads) on player and download button.
      just cancel the new opening advertainment tab and click again on play button.
      We are sorry but advertainment is our only source of earning.

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